Radar Speed Sign

Evolis radar speed sign

With 34cm high speed digits, a large text template and ultra-high brightness LEDs, Evolis radar speed sign is the market most visible and effective system for speed reduction.

The anti-corrosion and anti-UV treatments and sealing of Evolis radar speed sign ensure for long term resistance, strength and durability to:

  • Towns in areas of high heat or extreme cold,
  • Cities undergoing strong traffic with a highway, highspeed roads and ring.


Installed in 5 minutes by one person, the Evolis radar speed sign offers :

  • birdlight with integrated fixings,
  • user-friendly multi-lingual set-up and traffic data software,
  • pre-configured and ready for installation.


Ease of use
Users of Evolis radar speed sign especially appreciate the comfort offered by embedded technologies:

  • Bluetooth connection in order to stay in the car to change settings or download traffic data
  • GPRS to communicate, from any computer station via a secure Web interface.
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